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20 Sep 2021 / 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

GGW: Liverpool – Launch of Liverpool’s SDG Data Platform + Local Impact



Join 2030hub and ONS to launch the new SDG Data Platform and explore how Liverpool accelerates its local and global impacts

Each year we, as a city, celebrate our grassroots and international impact and leaders during Global Goals Week. Liverpool has always looked out across the world with hope and exploration, but always whilst also ensuring those closest to home are supported whenever in need.

Liverpool is also at the forefront of the international SDG movement. With a 5 year track record of engagement, a growing community of expertise and an insatiable appetite to be better, the future looks optimistic.

This event will also focus on the role of SDG data a city-level, highlighted with the launch of Liverpool’s new open-source SDG Data Platform developed in collaboration between 2030hub and the Office for National Statistics.

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