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29 Jun 2022 / 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The Peepl Power Fair

Chapters of Us,
44 Simpson Street, Liverpool
L1 0AX (see map)


Taking Economic Power Back From the 1%! **Drop in for 30 mins, an hour, or stick around for as long as you want to meet the community…

Peepl will be hosting an all-day blockchain x business fair to bring key partners and stakeholders together to connect, hear from industry leaders, and enjoy food/drinks and entertainment from local economy champions.

A professional photography studio will be set up for the entire day, and all attendees have the opportunity to have professional headshots taken for you to use wherever you like.

The fair will feature a range of activities from drop-in-clinics, to a panel and breakout room sessions (at 4pm) along with networking and entertainment.

Drop in anytime throughout the day!

The event will also kick-off the Peepl 100, a multi-media campaign celebrating the first 100 local economy champions to join the Peepl network. The Peepl Power Fair will bring the region’s local economy champions together in the name of collaboration, culture, and taking the power back to the people.

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