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6 May 2021 / 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Transforming businesses through (cloud) innovation



Software is Eating the World as we know it.

Join Eagle Labs as they delve deeper into the consequences of this and the steps you can take utilise this and accelerate your business growth.

They are joined by Steven Drost, Chief Strategic Officer at CodeBase who will be addressing:

  • What does this mean for early-stage companies? What do new founders look like? What should they focus on?
  • What does this mean for existing SMEs?
  • How do incumbent businesses transform themselves in order to survive digital disruption?
  • What are the new platforms and tools that are emerging? What enables companies to thrive in times of great change?

Eagle Lab member, Bytes, will then transition into talking about cloud technology and how it can benefit startups SME’s and corporates.

David Rawle, CTO of Bytes Technology Group, will cover the burning questions including:

  • What does cloud technology look like
  • What are people using it for?
  • What are real life case studies for SME’s / corporates within the Eagle Labs ecosystem?
  • Cloud’s association with security – how it can get you into bigger enterprises?
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