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Food Suppliers

Growth Platform and its Local Authority and Growth Hub partners are reaching out to food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to seek involvement in work we are doing with colleagues in the Merseyside Resilience Forum to help support vulnerable and shielded people with food supplies at this critical time.

We have been asked if we can identify and catalogue as comprehensively as possible what arrangements are currently in place between food companies and the community and whether there are other organisations in the City Region’s food industry who have not been approached or who would be willing to potentially do more.

Specifically, we are looking to understand what products could be supplied by food businesses in the City Region on either (1) a free, (2) low cost or (3) at cost basis to bodies who support vulnerable people in need of food.

The items that are particularly in need are basic dried and tinned foods that do not rely on refrigeration. We would therefore just like you to answer a few questions below to help us complete this work. This will help enable the Merseyside Resilience Forum to connect any new and additional offers of supply to those responsible for organising its procurement, collection and distribution to the vulnerable both in the short and medium term.

Our role in this as Growth Platform is simply to collect the information and share it with those responsible for responding to local need. They will then follow up with you directly or through their local partners.Offers of help are not in any way binding. This is all purely voluntary and the take-up response will depend on current needs and the supply of food, which as you can imagine, is both high and fast moving in these unprecedented times.

If you are able to assist please complete the form below.


If you have any questions please contact us at