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Manufacturing conference to ‘Join the Dots’

Growth Platform – Liverpool City Region Growth Company, are taking the next step in developing strong manufacturing links between the UK and Ireland.

‘Joining the Dots’ is an initiative led by the British Embassy in Dublin with a specific focus on economic growth for regional centres by building collaborations and sharing best practice.

The next event designed to develop this initiative is being held in Limerick on 13-14 February, where the focus will be on ‘Smart Manufacturing’ – improving innovation through technology.

Head of Advanced Manufacturing at Growth Platform, Simon Reid, will be taking part in this week’s ‘Joining the Dots Smart Manufacturing Conference’. He said “Liverpool City Region has been a national trailblazer in terms of developing LCR 4.0 – the UKs first industrial digitisation business support programme that was recognised by the Financial Times as a Top 100 European Digital Champion. So it is no surprise that we are keen to engage with our closest European neighbours in Ireland.”

“The region has traditionally had very strong links to Ireland – it is estimated that 75% of the City of Liverpool’s population have Irish connections. Now we have exited the European Union, Ireland is the closest entry point to the EU for the NW and Midlands so the Liverpool City Region is keen to develop even closer trading links, starting with Advanced Manufacturing”.

The event is closely connected with the UK’s Industrial Strategy of enhancing high productivity industries in regions across the UK – it will also bring together UK and Irish researchers, firms and policy makers. It will involve roundtable and panel discussions plus advanced manufacturing site visits to companies such as Dell and Johnson & Johnson.