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Club Liverpool Launches Search for Ambassadors

Club Liverpool has launched a recruitment drive to attract new ambassadors to help aid the recovery of Liverpool City Region’s visitor economy.

The ambassador network, a partnership between Liverpool Convention Bureau and ACC Liverpool, works to bring high-profile conferences and events to the city region.

Conferences bring with them a massive economic impact to the city region and since 2016, Club Liverpool ambassadors have successfully bid for 56 conferences. The economic impact of these events combined is £75 million, with some of them still to take place as far forward as 2025.

Club Liverpool ambassadors had worked to secure conferences worth £16million to the local economy in 2020. Whilst the coronavirus pandemic means that they are unable to go ahead this year, many have chosen to postpone the event rather than cancel altogether. A move which is a reflection on how popular and well-received Liverpool is as a conference destination.

Club Liverpool ambassadors are people from across the city region who are in a position to attract and host a conference in the city. They cover a breadth of professions including academics, leading medics and business leaders, and are all united by the enthusiasm to bring an event from their specialist field here.

Members of societies and associations who hold annual conferences are being asked to consider bidding for the event to come to Liverpool, alongside the Club Liverpool team.

The Club Liverpool programme supports both large scale conferences, often held at ACC Liverpool, to smaller, more intimate events that can be hosted at a number of the city region’s historic venues, hotels and universities. It is a free service and the team can assist with preparing bid documents, finding a suitable venue for the event and providing an accommodation booking service.

Anyone interested in bidding to host an event in their field of expertise is welcome to join and the Club Liverpool team are still available to offer ambassadors the support they need to attract events.

Chair of Club Liverpool, Colin Sinclair, said: “Club Liverpool ambassadors come from all sectors and are passionate about both their knowledge area and Liverpool itself.

“Potential ambassadors don’t need any previous experience with events: if you’re a leader in your field and would like to bring an event to the city region, we want to speak to you. Ambassadors are the backbone of Liverpool’s conference and events industry; without them we simply wouldn’t be in such a strong position for attracting conferences.”

Head of Business Tourism, Jennifer Jensen, said: “Conferences and events have a major impact on Liverpool’s economy. From event space to hotels, taxi drivers to restaurants; businesses across the city region benefit when delegates are in town.

“Like every industry, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our plans but alongside our Club Liverpool ambassadors we are working harder than ever to ensure we are in the best position possible to start welcoming back delegates to Liverpool when it’s safe to do so.”

Whilst the short term economic impact of major events is obvious, in the long term conferences help to showcase Liverpool as a platform for investment, knowledge and trade.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a Club Liverpool ambassador or who would like more information on how they can bid for a conference should visit the Club Liverpool website: or get in touch via