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14 Dec 2023 / 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Confident Decision Making



All Leaders can feel uncertain about how they are doing or what the future holds. It’s hard to put yourself first, yet evidence shows this is the very thing that will help you create the impact you want to see.

Pioneers in developmental support, Transform Lives Company and Create Flow have teamed up for the first time to offer a series of free leadership sessions because we are committed to sharing what we know, to benefit us all, and because we’re curious and want to keep learning, with you.

Leadership Chats will be a mixture of:

  • Gaining skills and insights into how and why we think and feel the way we do
  • Techniques that are proven to work in the midst of any challenging leadership role
  • Learning new perspectives, looking beyond the day to day
  • Building a network of support and being part of a community of Leaders
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