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Statement on Racial Equality and Diversity

Encouraging diversity and inclusion in our workplace to foster creativity and innovation

Growth Platform is a values-driven company and are committed to reflecting those values in how we treat each other and work together.

As an organisation that is committed to inclusion and diversity, we understand that barriers to individual achievement—based on race, ethnicity, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, identity, religion, or beliefs—must be confronted and overcome.

At Growth Platform, we have a zero-tolerance policy for racism and bias. We seek to create an inclusive work environment, we value diverse identities and perspectives, and we work together to support the success of our colleagues.

But we know we need to do more. We acknowledge and embrace our responsibility to act.

Growth Platform publicly commits to intensify our efforts to:

  • Increase the diversity of our organisation and management team with purpose and pace,
  • Ensure objectives relating to fair and inclusive practices are included in all employees’ performance indicators and that they form an integral part of performance reviews throughout the year
  • Critically evaluate our policies and practices to remove any potential for racial inequality and racial bias
  • Promote understanding by implementing and evaluating Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training for all our staff
  • Inspire a culture of openness where candid discussions around bias are encouraged
  • Change our recruitment, development, and retention processes to promote greater diversity and eliminate unconscious bias
  • Work in partnership with stakeholders across our region to tackle racial discrimination and support culturally diverse communities within the City Region

We will review our efforts annually as outlined above to assess the progress against our goals to ensure that equality and inclusion is embedded within our organisation.