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16 Feb 2023 / 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Growth For Good series – Purpose-driven Business

Bloom Building,
3 Abbey Close, Birkenhead
CH41 5FQ (see map)


What does it mean to run a purpose-driven business in 2023? How can businesses shift their focus to become more purpose driven?

Growth Platform is partnering with Firestarters to produce a special six-month programme of events called ‘Growth for Good’. The events will support businesses in the Liverpool City Region (LCR) who are looking to learn from expert speakers, gather strategic insights and have the opportunity to grow their network with purpose-driven people.

What is the ‘Growth for Good’ series?

The ‘Growth for Good’ series will be hosted across the city region’s six boroughs and will be covering six core subject areas that address the biggest challenges facing businesses today. The fourth event focuses on purpose-driven business. With increasing demand from people for brands to behave ethically and to be held accountable for their actions, being purpose-driven has never been more important. From Patagonia’s Founder announcing that all of the company’s profits will go into saving the planet to Faith in Nature giving a board position to Nature, big brands have led the way when it comes to acting with purpose. But what can our region’s SMEs learn from these behaviours and how they emulate them in their own businesses?

This event will look to uncover the practical ways businesses can embed more purpose into their day-to-day, and how they can keep their teams engaged and enthusiastic about the process as well.

What can you expect from ‘Growth for Good’ – Purpose-driven Business?

Attendees will hear from expert local speakers who will lead the conversation around purpose-driven business and showcase the methodologies they’ve introduced into their own businesses and the impact it had on their people, profit and personal fulfilment. Our expert speakers and signature Firestarters format will ensure attendees feel empowered to ask questions about how to run their purpose-driven business in 2023, and how to shift their focus to become more purpose-driven.

Who will be speaking at the event? (TBD)

What will you get out of the event?

  • Shared real-world experiences from purpose-driven business leaders
  • Practical advice and takeaway tools that enable positive change to happen quickly
  • A diverse network of contacts that can offer ongoing support and insights
  • A chance to ask experts questions about building or shifting toward purpose-driven business and the impact that can have across your organisation
  • The opportunity to attend more events on relevant subjects across the city region
  • Relevant Growth Platform services sign-posted and key contacts mentioned for further support

What is the event format?

We will be starting at 16:00 sharp, please arrive 15 mins before the event start time. There may also be train strikes happening at this time, do check the timetable ahead of time.

90-minute event with 30 guests and four – five panel members

  • 5-minute open & context setting from Francesca Manca
  • 30-minute panel Q&A
    45-minute group
  • discussions with attendees and panel members that will cover:
    – How has running an impact-driven business influenced your bottom line?
    – What does purpose-driven business mean to you?
    – If a company wanted to shift from being profit-driven to being purpose-driven, what might you suggest as first steps?
    – What are the invisible pitfalls of running a purpose-driven business?
    – How do you shift your team’s mindset to become more purpose-driven and aware of your mission?
  • 10-minute summary & feedback from all groups and thanks from the team
  • + 30-minute “after-hours” networking opportunity for attendees

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