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27 Jan 2022 / 9:15 am - 12:15 pm

Leading For Diversity- Having Brave Conversations



This masterclass will be a raw and honest exploration of issues surrounding equality and diversity in the workplace. You will be left with no doubt about the importance of ensuring it’s not just those from a minority group who should be fronting up to brave conversations. It’s incumbent on us all, as employees, to develop a working environment where those conversations take place daily – and each of us must learn how to create the space for them to happen.

Speakers Collective pride themselves on curating deep, meaningful conversations, and that’s certainly what will happen during this masterclass. The panellists will be Denise Stephenson, Sanisha Wynter & Adrian Garcia.

You will be left feeling better equipped to have bold conversations in your own workplace and to re-connect at a human level. Past participants have said the discussions opened their eyes to a different view and they felt more able to bring about change in their workplace as a direct result of the event.

Whatever happens as a result of your attendance at the masterclass the stories you hear and the conversations you have will linger deep in your mind creating potentials and opportunities for a different way of being.

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