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17 May 2023 / 8:30 am - 10:00 am

Meet The Media

The Women’s Organisation,
54 St James Street, Liverpool
L1 0AB (see map)


Meet The Media is back face-to-face! Join The Women’s Organisation to discover tips and advice to get your business recognised by local and national media.

PR and communications should be at the heart of a growth strategy for any ambitious business. But now, in the growing world of fake news and clickbait, accessing free media has become increasingly difficult. More than ever, businesses must ensure the content they share is credible, factual, and engaging.

In recent years we’ve seen a significant upsurge in misinformation online, which can be incredibly harmful to business and society as a whole.

This expert panel offers a combined 50+ years of experience in how to tell – and sell – a story. Offering their insights into the ever-changing dynamics of news and media, our experts will share their views on how to write compelling content that will promote your business to the right audience and in the right way.

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