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14 May 2023 / 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

Symposium Advancing Sustainable Business in Uncertain Times

University of Liverpool Management School,
Chatham Street, Liverpool
L69 7ZH (see map)


The climate emergency poses unprecedented levels of uncertainty for business, policymakers and society.

While environmental, social and legislative changes put pressure on organisations to take an urgent ‘business-not-as-usual’ approach, businesses are faced with little practical guidance on how to effectively manage the risks involved in their transition to eco-centric and socially-just models.

This challenge requires organisations to rethink their operational models with difficult questions, such as ‘How do we account for social and environmental risks? To what extent does our organisation consider the impact on people’s lives that result from our decisions?

To answer some of these questions, the symposium, co-hosted by the University’s Centre for Sustainable Business and the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, explores the intersection of risk, uncertainty, decision-making and sustainability in business.

This one-day interactive workshop brings together experts in sustainability and risk uncertainty, to provide an opportunity for business leaders to consider how to integrate sustainability risks into their decision making.

Attending the symposium will give you access to invaluable insights and practical advice from reserachers and business leaders, on how to consider the impact of business decisions on people’s lives and on the planet.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in interactive discussions and share your experience on the key challenges of integrating sustainability risks into decision-making.

The event is particularly useful for non-executive directors, business leaders, risk experts and sustainability leaders, from any industry or sector.

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