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5 Mar 2024 / 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

The 60/90 dilemma – why sluggish UK retail supply chains are due a rethink



90% of all UK deep-sea containerised goods arrive here through southern ports, yet 60% of those goods are headed north of Birmingham, creating long road journeys to get them to their end destination.

That means huge greenhouse gas emissions from trucks travelling the length and breadth of the country – not to mention inefficiency, congestion and delays in the retail supply chain. Unfortunately, these are symptoms of an “it’s always been done this way” mentality. But what if we could bring those goods closer to their end destinations by sea instead of road – and what would that mean for the UK’s retail supply chain?

A rethink of the port of entry for goods coming into the UK could be the key to unlocking substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as unclogging retail supply chains.

Join our panel of industry experts in a discussion, moderated by the BRC, about the barriers we need to overcome to make this a reality, and what it will take to change the status quo.

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