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9 Nov 2022 / 11:00 am - 11:45 am

The New UK Regime for Goods: Understanding Marking & Labelling Requirements



Join BEIS for this webinar covering the labelling requirements for the UKCA marking.

Great Britain now has its own robust regulatory framework for goods, and manufacturers need to start using the UKCA marking. The UKCA regime seeks to ensure consumers are protected from unsafe, and non-compliant goods. We advise that businesses get ready for the new regime as soon as possible to ensure they are compliant by 1 January 2023. This is the final deadline for businesses to get ready, and there will be no further extension.

The session will cover the general rules on how to correctly label your product for the GB market under the new regulatory regime. This will include use of the UKCA marking and importer labelling responsibilities as well as easements in place to support building the UKCA marking into the manufacturing process.

There will also be a chance to ask questions at the end. Please note, we are unable to provide advice on your specific circumstances.

This event is for businesses who have a role or involvement in the manufacturing or supply of CE/UKCA marked goods onto the GB market and for trade associations and organisations representing sectors which require the CE/UKCA marking.

Please note, Northern Ireland will not be covered in this session and we will not be able to answer questions relating to construction products (including AVCP), transportable pressure equipment, medical devices, cableways, marine equipment and rail products.

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