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23 May 2024 / 1:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Unlocking the next level of Liverpool’s gaming industry

Barclays Eagle Lab Liverpool,
Avenue HQ, 17 Mann Island
L3 1BP (see map)


Liverpool’s gaming sector is on a journey of growth thanks to the commitment of the region’s local authorities across the Liverpool City region, plus its unique collaboration between independent and major studios/developers.

The region’s rich gaming heritage dates back to the 1980s, with the emergence of video game companies and developers such as Bug-Byte and Psygnosis, which was acquired by Sony in 1993 and marked its 40th anniversary this year. These companies paved the way for former staff to set up on their own or for new offshoot companies to form. Today, you’ll find the likes of Lucid Games, Ripstone Studios, and d3t working on major games, while major players in the industry such as Playstation, Tencent, Avalanche, and Sony-owned video game developer Firesprite have set up in Liverpool, choosing the region as their UK base.

According to PWC, the gaming industry is predicted to be worth $321 billion by 2026 and has already proven to be a valuable source of international direct investment into Liverpool. But how do we unlock the next chapter for Liverpool’s gaming industry? Liverpool’s gaming sector is unique in the way key stakeholders collaborate together but there’s still work to do. Those in the sector believe Liverpool is often overlooked as a gaming hub and deserves to have the same recognition that Leamington Spa and Guildford have nationally.

Whether it’s improving access to talent, infrastructure or investment, this event will seek to address both the opportunities and challenges to address how we can best unlock the next level of Liverpool’s thriving gaming industry.

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