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26 Jan 2023 / 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm

What if…

Liverpool Cathedral,
St James' Mount, Liverpool
L1 7AW (see map)


For 70 years now, GDP – gross domestic product – has been the dominant measure of our economic success. Policy is based on GDP tallies; funding decisions live or die by it.

But what if there was a different way to measure what matters and why it’s important?

GDP measures everything, said presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy in March 1968, “except that which makes life worthwhile.”

GDP accounts for the monetary value of economic activity – so that includes the ‘value’ of things like pollution, crime and the destruction of our ecosystems. But these are simply choices that have been made – there are plenty it fails to take account of: inequality, the contributions from care and creativity, from data and digital services, unpaid work or the value of biodiversity.

Most socially-trading organisations work in those areas – inequality, the environment, care and community.

And many measure their social value – but descriptions and approaches are complex and varied. So how can we place greater value on the things that matter to us as a community? How do we calculate the contributions of ‘that which makes life worthwhile?’

With our world in crisis, isn’t it time we changed how we measure progress? Join Kindred to get involved in the conversation.

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