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CNC Robotics Case Study

How one engineering company have continued operations throughout the
COVID-19 pandemic

Based in Sefton Business Park, engineering company CNC Robotics have managed to continue operating during this incredibly difficult time for business and manufacturing across the country. CNC Robotics is the UK’s leading robotic integration company specialising in machining applications. They have been operating within the Liverpool City Region for over ten years working with clients across the globe to help them use robots for their production needs – often inventing bespoke solutions and developing new technology.

When the pandemic hit in March the company looked at how they could continue to operate, what changes would be needed and how those changes could be implemented.

Managing Director Philippa Glover explained: “During the days leading up to lockdown we worked closely with our external HR and H&SE advisers at Atlas Citation, completing a thorough risk assessment and ensuring that new operating procedures were in place which could enable us to continue to operate as safely as possible in this new environment and ensure our teams mental well being was protected.

“Those working on the design and development side of the business were immediately able to work remotely – we already had the right software in place for this vital process to continue. However, as an engineering company, there are simply some activities that need to be on-site, such as electrical and mechanical work. Through the introduction of an informal shift pattern we have reduced the number of staff on site at any given time to maintain output while carefully following social distancing. Other changes made include how we accept deliveries and package our products.

“Throughout this period, we have always maintained a trading mindset; like many other businesses, physical meetings have been replaced with virtual ones. Thankfully the company has a strong strategic plan and although some projects have been impacted we have been able to maintain sales at a steady rate and receive and process orders in the usual way. This has been helped by the extra stock we purchased as we were heading towards lockdown which, although using up some of our cash reserves, has meant there has been little to no effect on our supply chain.

“The team’s ability to adapt has enabled us to continue to drive the business forward. Our network has been invaluable. MAKE UK in particular have done a great job championing business, as well as Sefton MBC, Growth Platform, Sci-Tech Daresbury and the wider North-West manufacturing community.

“There have been many challenges along the way, from adapting to a whole new way of working to having to wait four weeks for our provider to divert the office phones to my mobile!

“Throughout this whole process the safety and wellbeing of the team has been at the forefront of each and every decision made. It is a worrying time for everyone, both personally and professionally, and as a business we are still learning and adapting each day. But we know this situation is not forever and as we begin to slowly ease out of lockdown and we all adapt to the new environment we are hopeful that both our own company and manufacturing across the region will not only survive but continue to grow and push new boundaries. Innovation can help to build resilience in each and every organisation. Whilst it’s not going to be an easy for any business, those that embrace the challenge will become stronger.”