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Liverpool City Region awarded further funding to extend Careers Hub and help transform careers education

Liverpool City Region has the capacity for all schools and colleges to now be part of the Liverpool City Region (LCR) Careers Hub building on the success of the 79 schools already part of the LCR Careers Hub.

Following an announcement by the Department for Education, the LCR Careers Hub will be expanding, to help more schools and colleges to meet the eight Gatsby Benchmarks* of careers education.

The LCR Careers Hub will now be able to help every secondary school and college in the region – working together with universities, training providers, employers and career professionals to improve careers support for young people in their areas, through a focus on best practice and meaningful employer encounters.

Schools and colleges will have access to support and funding, including an expert ‘Hub Lead’ to help coordinate activity and build networks, a central fund to support employer engagement activities, and training for a ‘Careers Leader’ in each school and college.

Sally Beevers, Careers Hub Lead at Growth Platform said: “We are delighted that we have been successful in our Wave 3 bid for the expansion of the LCR Careers Hub. With this vital funding from the Department of Education and nationally coordinated support from the Careers and Enterprise Company, this will allow us to build on the success of our Wave 1 and Wave 2 Careers Hubs.

“Our young people already have more support and better career interventions, supported by local employers who continue to inspire and prepare the young people of the region for the fast-changing world of work. It’s fantastic that this Wave 3 bid will give the LCR Careers Hub the capacity to extend its offer to every secondary school and college across the LCR.”

Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, Gillian Keegan said: “We want young people across the country to receive the best careers advice so they can get a head start in the world of work and go on to have successful careers.

“The expansion of our Careers Hubs will mean we are now supporting more than 2,200 schools and colleges, bringing them together with employers to provide high quality careers guidance.

“Now, more than ever, it’s vital young people make the most of their talents and are aware of the range of opportunities available. This is brilliant news and I look forward to hearing about the progress made.”

John Yarham, Interim CEO of The Careers & Enterprise Company said: “Careers Hubs drive accelerated performance in careers education and have proven particularly robust and resilient during the covid-19crisis, continuing to support young people in local communities.

“Careers Hubs bring people together. They create a powerful partnership between schools, colleges, employers and local agencies focused on improving skills and opportunity for young people, tailored to local need -nationally led, locally developed and delivered.

“This partnership is a critical point of difference from the past and means we are better positioned to weather the storm and help our next generation navigate the choppy waters ahead.

“Schools, colleges and young people have a real time connection to the changing jobs market –opening opportunity in areas that are emerging the strongest and growing the fastest. What this means is we have the opportunity to more closely match real people to real jobs in real time. It is a proven robust and sustainable model for the needs of now and into the future.”