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MGISS Case Study – Continuing to support critical infrastructure works throughout pandemic

One local company who works with the utilities, infrastructure, and environment sectors have continued to support essential services during lockdown.

MGISS, based in the Baltic Triangle, delivers geospatial solutions and services that help businesses capture, use, maintain and visualise data in order to improve resilience. For example, their technology helps engineers responding to defects on roads and motorways or interruptions to the supply of water, electricity and gas by improving their ability to locate and resolve defects quickly. This is done by using technology which allows simple, real-time capture and display of information both above and below ground.

Companies MGISS work with include Northumbrian Water Group, Highways England contractor Sir Robert McAlpine and Surrey County Council Highways.

“Now, more than ever, it is essential that highway and utility infrastructure is well maintained and any issues are dealt with in a timely, effective yet safe manner” commented Mike Darracott, founder and Managing Director of MGISS. “We have a role to play supporting those workers that are still out there making sure that our transport system continues to operate as well as keeping water, gas and electricity supplies flowing.”

Mike explained further: “We knew when lockdown began that we were not in a position to furlough with demand on time and resources continuing, and immediately identified those customers who would need our support.

“The utility sector was one area we knew we could help with problem solving, so we began by fixing our own costs and stripping away any unnecessary ones. Focusing on this sector alone has actually allowed us to improve our data solutions for this area and therefore accelerated our growth plans that we may not have seen until later in the year.

“As with most companies we had to adapt to a new way of working with customers and relied on Microsoft Teams and Zoom which we were already expert in – so staff were already familiar with many aspects of remote working. Our professional services team also adapted to provide online training which would usually be provided onsite and in person. The cost savings and positive environmental impact of this will be something that we continue to deliver into the future.”

“One aspect of lockdown I have personally found incredibly useful has been the wealth of information provided across the city region, from the Combined Authority and Growth Platform – either through webinars, online workshops or one to one advice. I found the online ‘breakout rooms’ in particular gave invaluable support and broke down barriers for possible collaboration with other companies going forward. The region has really pulled together to provide genuine, relevant and valuable support with a strong ‘build back better’ approach.

“This resilience will, I believe, help many companies not only to bounce back but to grow and evolve, with the MGISS team being more committed than ever to improving the resilience of critical infrastructure.”

For more information about MGISS please click here.