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Medium and large sized businesses urged to order Covid-19 testing kits

Public health officials are asking private businesses in Liverpool employing more than 50 staff to order Covid-19 test kits for their employees if they are not working from home.

It is advised that people going into work should get tested every five to seven days, as up to a third of those with the virus don’t have symptoms.

Getting staff tested regularly using the lateral flow kits helps reduce the spread of coronavirus and the chances of disruption to businesses as a result of staff falling ill or having to self-isolate.

Companies can register to order tests to deliver at their work sites if:

  • The business is registered in England
  • They employ 50 people or more
  • Their employees cannot work from home

It will also help manage demand at the city’s network of symptom-free test centres ensuring those in smaller businesses delivering valued services in our communities are able to access testing as well.

More information and an online application form can be found at