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Want to develop your workforce – think Apprenticeships

The coronavirus outbreak has created challenges for businesses and staff unlike anything most of us have ever seen. The Government’s furlough scheme has no doubt been instrumental in saving jobs but have employers considered how they can further benefit from furlough as well.


Training on furlough is allowed. It’s important to note that while it is illegal for staff to work while furloughed, employees can embark on training. Offering some training can be hugely beneficial to both business and employee in preparing for an eventual return to some form of normality.

Future proof your business through your employees

While Covid-19 is without doubt the main challenge at the moment, the long-term prosperity of businesses will, as always, depend on foresight and planning. Once the hurdle of coronavirus is over, many companies are going to be faced with hard choices financially.

It could be wise for some businesses to allocate resources to training now and upskill existing staff. This way, companies can help to potentially navigate the skills gap problem that the UK has been in the midst of for some time.

Making use of the existing skills of a workforce now, and enabling them to further educate and empower them for when the new ‘normal’ returns, could be a contributing factor when it comes to employee retention, business performance, and the overall health of a company’s culture and future.

We can also provide up to 70% of funding towards course costs for you staff.


If you are looking to recruit new staff, why not look at apprentices. From 1 August 2020 to 31 March 2021, the Government will pay businesses to hire apprentices, with a new payment of £2,000 per apprentice for those under the age of 25 (this is in addition to £1,000 for 16 -18 or with Education Health &Care plan) and £1,500 for those aged 25 and over.

Some local authorities in the city region also provide local grants for employers to recruit apprentices from their area. These grants can be used by the employer to support the costs of recruiting an apprentice in any way they see fit and also sit on top of the national government incentive grants.

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Joe Keegan, Team Leader – Skills Brokerage Service at Growth Platform