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Record year for aircraft company

Halton based, j2 Aircraft Dynamics, is a small to medium sized company who have grown over ten years in the field of aircraft design modelling, analysis and simulation software technology.

They are experts specifically in fixed and rotary wing modelling and analysis and have designed a unique software tool-kit that covers all aspects of flight science which helps engineers worldwide develop their aircraft from concept to completion – including aircraft design, simulation and flight test data matching and air accident analysis.

Since their commercial launch in 2010 they have successfully grown in the global aviation field, continually improving design, analysis and simulation techniques, and have recently announced British military jet developer AERALIS as a new client, using the tool-kit as key component of its digital engineering process.

The pandemic has created challenges for companies in every sector and j2 Aircraft Dynamics were no different. Paul Jenkins, Senior Vice President Commercial, said: “To best demonstrate our products we would normally travel and meet potential clients face to face, being unable to do this meant we had to turn to skype and zoom – so we had to develop a way quickly to best show our products and how they work over video media.

“Once we had overcome this hurdle, we were also expecting a major shift in clients finding reasons not to do business especially when it comes to exporting. However, our overseas clients have wanted to push along and continue to make progress despite us being unable to travel. We have noticed this particularly with our clients in China and as a result 2020 ended in a record revenue year, and we already have seen a strong start to 2021.

“Going forward, once we can travel we will do, in the meantime our focus is firmly on maximising our on-line presence, investing in our website and improving our corporate marketing. We will probably see our spend and activity on marketing triple in the 12 months to December this year, concentrating on our expanding and exporting markets both in the US and China. Despite being forced to make adjustments to the business due to the pandemic we fully anticipate a further record revenue year in 21 as we achieved in 20.”

Find out more about j2 Aircraft Dynamics here.