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North West-based company partners with global firm to empower the nation’s businesses to grow ethically

North West-based Be Ethical Training has teamed up with global company, CSR-Accreditation to help businesses operate with responsibility at the forefront of their decision making.

The partnership aims to help businesses map, measure and report on their responsible activities, integrating them into their business as usual and becoming clear on their social value and impact. When achieved, this can then help a business gain a competitive advantage.

Be Ethical Training trains organisations to create a programme of responsible activity, aligned with an ESG (environmental, social and governance) framework and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

CSR-Accreditation supports impact reporting and global recognition.

Together, this partnership is about enhancing future business opportunities and sustainability when it comes to sales, recruitment, funding and investment. The partnership will enhance one another’s offer and aims to improve the future stability of business, local communities, and the planet.

Speaking about their mission, co-founder and director of Be Ethical Training, Caroline Swailes, said:

“Having worked with businesses that integrate and champion a culture of responsibility across their operations, we see first-hand the importance of accountability and engagement in making CSR a success.

“This new partnership is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the value of responsible business and complement one another’s services to spread our message far and wide.”

Richard Collins, CEO of Buckingham-based CSR-Accreditation, believes the partnership is a step in the right direction to building a better world:

“CSR-Accreditation is delighted to be working in partnership with Be Ethical Training.

“We believe that together we can make a really positive difference with regard to social responsibility.

“The training is the perfect way for businesses to develop a CSR solution that not only addresses ESG compliance but helps to build a better world to live and work in.”

Fellow co-founder and director of Be Ethical Training, Heather de Groot, added:

“Partnering with CSR-A was an obvious fit. We’re both striving towards the same goal of making all business responsible.

“Through our webinars and workshops with Richard and his team, we aim to bring a business community together, to see the value of integrating CSR into their business as usual.

“There are thousands of businesses who have created fantastic programmes and legacies when it comes to being a responsible business. We want to empower them to now map, measure and report on their impact and success to grow and sustain their contributions further.”

Recognising the value of their own social responsibility, Caroline and Heather have pledged to donate £25,000 to North West social enterprise, Girls Out Loud, which helps teenage girls in the UK to find their voice, by developing their confidence, emotional resilience and self-esteem.

Caroline and Heather were inspired to help businesses do better during their time at Bibby Line Group, where they developed and championed a successful employee engagement programme, supporting 5,000+ employees in 20 countries to raise in excess of £6 million for charitable causes.

Upcoming webinars will run throughout October and November, offering advice on how businesses can get involved in charitable giving, recognise the negative impact of investing for profit alone, alongside information on what CSR and ESG is, the benefits, and effective risk management.

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