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HyNet launches supply chain opportunities

HyNet, the UK’s leading industrial decarbonisation cluster, has today released details of an upcoming event especially for businesses looking to learn more about the project’s supply chain strategy.

In addition to an update from the team running HyNet, attendees will hear from each of the partners delivering the project’s infrastructure including Cadent, Viridor, Vertex Hydrogen, Hanson Cement, Eni, CF Fertilisers, Progressive Energy and INOVYN.

HyNet has also launched a supply chain portal to allow interested organisations to register their details with this ground-breaking project.

The North West is the UK’s industrial heartland. From glass, to food, to cars, to paper, to chemicals, many of the products we rely on to live our daily lives are manufactured in the region.

However, this prosperity comes at an environmental cost. Industry in the region emits significant volumes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day. In order for the UK to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and limit the increase in global temperatures to 1.5˚C, the region’s emissions need to be halted, quickly.

HyNet will use a combination of carbon capture and low carbon hydrogen technologies to provide a route for carbon intensive industries to decarbonise over the next decade.
HyNet Project Director,

David Parkin, said: “HyNet will provide the infrastructure and low carbon fuel which will allow industries to thrive into a net zero future. The project partners are planning ahead to ensure that suppliers across the region, and beyond, are in the best possible position to maximise the opportunities HyNet will bring. By starting early engagement with potential suppliers, the team want to understand the services and products which are available to create HyNet.
“This region is full of world-leading skills and experience.

We are encouraging business who have specialisms in services or products that could potentially become part of creating HyNet to register on our new supplier database, which can be found on the HyNet website –”

Cllr Mark Pritchard, Chair of the Mersey Dee Alliance, said: “HyNet will support the North West and North Wales to develop into a regional hub focused around low carbon jobs and inward investment.

“In doing so, HyNet will create thousands of new roles whilst safeguarding existing jobs which may have otherwise have been lost through the rising costs associated with carbon emissions.

“In addition to jobs, developing a low carbon cluster across the region will create learning, training and upskilling opportunities and draw in inward investment to support the region to level up and thrive into the future.

“This is the region’s opportunity to lead the UK as we move into a net zero future. Not only can we reduce our carbon emissions, we can ensure our economy continues to thrive”.

Register for the event here:

Find out more about HyNet and register on to the supplier database here