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Liverpool artist, Paul Curtis, starts work on a new mural of North Birkenhead legend, Charlie Landsborough

Renowned Liverpool artist, Paul Curtis, has begun work on a new mural of North Birkenhead music legend, Charlie Landsborough, who topped a vote by residents who were asked to choose a local hero that they wanted to see immortalised on the side of North Birkenhead Train Station.

The leading country and folk musician received 46% of the vote from local residents, and beat the likes of Dixie Dean and the town’s first female mayor, Lady Mary Ann Mercer.

Charlie Landsborough grew up in North Birkenhead and taught at local primary school, Portland Road. Charlie is a true “local legend” who has inspired millions both around the world and in Birkenhead.

The competition, which was launched by Cradle to Career – a long-term initiative that aims to transform the lives of children and young people in North Birkenhead, is a celebration of the passion, talent, resilience and creativity that has come out of the North End.

Cradle to Career’s primary goal is to improve the quality of life for all, creating new opportunities for local children and young people, while also improving communication between the community and the organisations that assist them.

Best known for his awe-inspiring Liverpool Wings mural in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, Paul Curtis started work on the Birkenhead mural this week. It will measure 2.5m tall and 5m wide, and will aim to capture the heart and charm that Charlie Landsborough puts into his music.

Between Monday 9th May & Wednesday 19th May, Cradle to Career are asking everyone who lives or has a connection to both the North End of Birkenhead and Charlie to visit the mural and share pictures, memories and stories:

  • Take a photo at the mural and share on Instagram or Facebook, tagging Cradle to Career and using the hashtag #NorthEndHeroes.
  • Share your memories of Charlie and what his music means to you. Follow Cradle to Career or their partners on Facebook and share photos, memories and stories of Charlie and his music.
  • Share with Cradle to Career who your local hero is and why. Follow them or their partners on Facebook and share photos, memories and stories of your own local hero.
  • Tell Cradle to Career what you love about the North End and why. Follow them or their partners on Facebook and share photos, memories and stories of what you love about Birkenhead North.
  • Drop into a local community centre – St James, Gautby Road to share photos of Charlie, your memories and stories.

Artist, Paul Curtis, said:

“Charlie makes a great subject for a portrait, he has a look of his own which will make for a more interesting piece to work on from an artist’s perspective. I hope this mural is a success and Charlie likes the finished product, but more importantly, I hope the community likes the artwork.

“With a portrait mural, it is more a question of selecting the appropriate photograph that is suitable for the wall space. Then it’s all down to me to do justice to the portrait.

“Hopefully I can capture some of the heart and charm that Charlie puts into his songs.”

Cradle to Career, said: “We are thrilled that work is now well underway on the mural, and we are eager to see the finished product.

“Charlie grew up in North Birkenhead and taught at local primary school Portland Road. He is truly a “local legend” who has inspired many around Birkenhead and around the world with his music. “We want to celebrate Charlie’s legacy and all local heroes in our wonderful North End community.”

“Paul Curtis is an amazing artist, and we are very excited for our upcoming reveal event. It will be a great day for the area, and we really hope that the North Birkenhead community will be proud of the mural.

Cradle to Career is supported by Wirral Council and by almost £3m in charitable donations from both the Steve Morgan Foundation and SHINE Trust. Managed by Right to Succeed, Cradle to Career operates from the St. James Centre and aims to significantly improve literacy standards among children in Birkenhead and provide families easy access to the support they need.

The completion of the mural will be celebrated on Thursday 19th May in a special ceremony held at the St James Centre, Laird Street.