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Peel Ports joins national ‘Ships Salute’ to commemorate Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

One of the UK’s biggest port operators has pledged its support for a national shipping salute to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The initiative, organised by the UK Chamber of Shipping and supported by the Department for Transport and UKMPG, will see ports across the country encourage vessels in their harbour to sound a long blast on their horn or whistle at 12noon on Saturday 4th June.

Peel Ports Group will be highly promoting the event across its network of locations by asking pilots to sound vessel horns, creating a fanfare celebration from the Port of Liverpool to London Medway, Heysham, Great Yarmouth, Clydeport and Dublin.

Alongside the salute, mariners and pilots have been encouraged to display congratulatory messages and decorate their vessels in celebration of the historic occasion.

The company’s staff have also been asked to support the event in their professional and personal communities.

Claudio Veritiero, CEO for Peel Ports Group, said: “We’re a proud maritime nation and all of our ports across the Group are steeped in history, having been part of many generations of Royal celebrations. The maritime community in particular is deeply bound up in all that’s happened across Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

We’re honoured to support the event and encourage our harbours to show their support for this landmark moment in history. The sound of vessels at midday on the 4th is going to be truly unique occasion that will live in the memory or a long time.”