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A million get the message to Recycle Right

It is estimated that a campaign designed to help boost recycling across the Liverpool City Region has been seen over a million times.

Launched in October 2021 and run through into March 2022, Recycle Right adverts reminding people of what they can and should recycle have appeared throughout Liverpool City Region on buses, local radio and newspapers, outdoor telephone kiosks and digital outdoor displays, ASDA supermarkets, and on social media. It is estimated that the adverts have been seen and heard well over a million times.

The advertising is part of Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority’s Recycle Right campaign which was launched in 2018 to help increase awareness of recycling issues. This includes letting people know what can be recycled where, preventing bagged waste and unwanted materials being put into recycling bins, and highlighting what options people have when it comes to recycling and managing their household waste.

Carl Beer, Chief Executive at Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority (MRWA), said: “Recycle Right was launched to help highlight recycling options that people have and ultimately increase the region’s recycling rate. The campaign and all the messaging is a reminder to everyone about what they can recycle and where they can recycle it.

“A lot of us do the right things most of the time, but with the region’s recycling level at 35% there is more we can all do.”

Councillor Tony Concepcion, Chairperson of MRWA, said: “We want more people to recycle more things more often. Hopefully residents have seen or heard these messages and taken them on board. Of course, we realise that not everyone will have come across an advert, and even if they have it won’t have changed everyone’s behaviour. However, we will continue to push recycling messages because managing materials and resources sustainably is key in the fight against climate change and having a local environment we can all be proud of.”