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Combined Authority backed blockchain initiative taking economic power back from the 1% launches campaign with an all-day event

The Peepl Power Fair will be kicking off a new era for the Liverpool City Region’s local economies by bringing changemakers, disrupters, and community leaders together in the name of collaboration, culture, and giving power to the people.

The fair will feature a range of activities from drop-in-clinics with Peepl partners and Investment and business support Managers from the LCRCA to a panel and collaborative breakout room sessions, networking and entertainment. The event will also kick off the Peepl 100, a multi-media campaign celebrating the first 100 local economy champions to join the Peepl network. Guests who attend the fair will be given the opportunity to join the Peepl 100,
cementing their place in history as a pioneer of their local economy.

What is Peepl all about?

Peepl is using blockchain technology to build wealth for communities by creating stronger, more resilient local economies through rewards, clever cross-marketing. The project is backed by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority who invested £700,000 into its development in 2021.

Still in its infancy, there are currently five partners operating on the Peepl network:

  • Vegi – Liverpool based Vegan delivery service
  • Shocal – Localised food & grocery delivery service
  • YourGaff – Chester based lettings agency, launching in Liverpool in 2022
  • The Guide – Local media company in Liverpool, focusing on promoting the city

All partner apps on the Peepl network will run under a tokenised model, with the Peepl token at their core. In future, customers will be able to use their peepl token rewards to interact with all the different partner apps within the ecosystem, all with the aim to keep more money flowing locally.

Peepl Founder and CEO Leon Rossiter had this to say about Peepl:
“In the west, the internet, our commerce, communication and culture is predominantly being capitalised on by a handful of silicon valley companies. These companies drive the wealth, power and opportunity created by the internet, further and further away from local and regional economies like ours. The Peepl Network is going to change that.”

What is happening on the day?

  • Drop-in clinic – The day will begin with a drop-in clinic where Peepl partners, the LCRCA’s Investment managers, and Growth Platform business support managers will have stalls set up ready to engage with attendees. Guests will be given the opportunity to ask questions, and to get support with their own projects and ideas.
  • Peepl 100 Campaign launch – Guests will be given the chance to be one of the first 100 people on the Peepl network, for which they will be provided with discounts and rewards to spend with local suppliers. A section of the fair has been carved out for Founder Leon Rossiter to present
  • Professional photography – There will be a make-shift photo studio set up in Peepl offices next door for people who have joined the network to get their photos taken for the Peepl 100 campaign.
  • Peepl panel and breakout room sessions – Peepl partners will be joined by a
    member of the LCRCA’s investment team to discuss the challenges and opportunities in using blockchain technology to fuel the local economy
  • Networking and entertainment – Throughout the day there will be food and
    entertainment provided by some of the Peepl 100. There will also be a networking segment of the event where guests will have the chance to catch-up with likeminded people.

Click here to register for the Peepl Power Fair