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Liverpool-based firm Qbunk partners with 2022 Reminisce Festival to provide tech operations on-site

Liverpool-based tech firm Qbunk has announced its latest strategic partnership, with the company set to provide its seamless bar ordering experience, by delivering brand new Apple till systems and complete IT operations alongside Connectus, at the Reminisce Festival 2022.

With the old skool music festival located in Sherdley Park, St Helens, set to return for its eighth year in September, Qbunk will be bringing their state-of-the-art technology and expertise onto site, to have 100% utilisation of the six-big top arenas, VIP experience and all bars, to ensure that the circa 20,000 revelers are served and catered for in the fastest possible time.

Having already invested £180,000 into new technologies, in order to drive efficiencies and maximise revenue for hospitality operators, Qbunk’s work with the Reminisce Festival organisers, will include mitigating the risks of Wi-Fi connectivity drop out, improving the speed of service throughout the site.

Paul Wilson, director, Qbunk, said:
“I was an 051 regular back in the day, dancing away to the Scouse house in my Moschino shirt and Armani pants, so working with Steve, Lee, and their team on September the 10th and in the build-up is a great honour personally.”
“What is special about the In-Demand team is how close they all are to each other, and their passion for delivering a great event is mirrored between them. The majority of their team have been there from day one, and as soon as I sat down with Steve, Chris, Gary and VJ, I really resonated with their values and wanted to work with them.
“The In-Demand team have listened to all of the feedback from last year, good and bad, and I am delighted to have my team Qbunk and our partners, Connectus, running the Wi-Fi connectivity and till systems to help deliver the best service experience for the event goers.”
With three systems in place to provide state-of-the-art connectivity, Qbunk’s work will begin at the festival entrance, with free Wi-Fi connection signal for customers downloading tickets preventing queuing bottlenecks and allowing super fast and seamless entry.

Steve Cocky, co-founder of Reminisce Festival, added:

“We are really pleased to be working with Qbunk. Their expertise will enable us to avoid some of the issues we had last year and we’re excited to be able to provide everyone at the festival with a VIP Wi-Fi service, which will also ensure the smooth running of our systems and tech.

“Ultimately with Qbunk handling these operations, we can realise our ambitions for Reminisce to help everyone forget their worries of day-to-day life, enjoy the music and dance the day and night away!”

Paul Wilson, continued by saying:
“My passion is driving process efficiency, and with Qbunk providing the best Wi-Fi coverage and tech software at this year’s event, we will allow the Reminisce bar team to serve more customers during peak trading hours, as well as ensuring shorter queuing times, so revelers spend less time wasted in queues and more time dancing, which is what we want, right?”
“In a post-pandemic world with rising costs and staff shortages at a premium, it is more important than ever for operators to implement efficiencies to drive revenues and reduce costs and I have no doubt that Reminisce Festival will be able to report this post event.”
Qbunk will also be providing additional technical support to ensure staff members on site are able to deal with any issues that may arise that could disrupt service, with all employees trained to the highest possible standard, and with managerial support stationed in each bar zone at the event to monitor performance, to ensure further growth for future festivals.

Founded in 2014, Reminisce Festival has grown from a local event welcoming in 3,000 music lovers, to a festival that is now known around the globe, with 2022’s event set to be bigger and better than ever before, with over 160 DJ’s performing and something on offer for all old skool music styles.

For more information about Qbunk, visit their Website