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MGISS Launches Z-Transform 2.0: Calculate Height Values In Real Time

MGISS is proud to announce the launch of Z-Transform 2.0. The software empowers field teams to accurately measure height values in real time, saving time by eliminating on-site mistakes and optimising back office operations. Read on to discover more about Z-Transform and the latest product updates.

Created to help increase the efficiency of survey teams in the field, Z-Transform enhances Field Maps by allowing users to configure height data in real time. This empowers site technicians to use Ordnance Survey height values to conduct accurate surveys in the moment, eliminating errors and the need to post-process data back at the office.

Currently, when an error occurs during an on-site survey most technicians won’t realise until they have returned to the office to process the data. Reopening back-filled trenches is never pleasant for teams or the project’s bottom line. Z-Transform plugs this gap by enabling site technicians to accurately complete surveys before they have left the site.

Alongside removing the need to post-process height data, Z-Transform increases the accuracy of calculations, providing height values to centimetre accuracy. This enables site technicians to carry out successful surveys in shorter time frames. On average, Z-Transform users estimate they save three hours per project.

As a software tool, Z-transform is incredibly easy to use. On-site, a technician will have Field Maps and an RTK device plugged into Z-Transform, giving them live positions to centimetre accuracy. Z-Transform enables Z-coordinates to be populated directly into fields. For UK-based surveys, which require elevation rather than altitude values, Z-Transform provides a quick, accurate and simple way to attain these.

Z-Transform does not require a tedious or complex on-boarding process. The latest product updates in 2.0 ensure that Z-Transform can be integrated into a software stack without the need for IT support. The user interface has also been designed to offer an easy and seamless user experience.

There are four tools within the Z-Transform 2.0 dashboard. The first is ‘Add Layers’. This tool enables the user to find the layers they wish to work on and adds them to a table on ArcGIS Online.

The ‘Transform Layers’ tool, enables the user to transform the height data in real time. The third and fourth tools are for housekeeping, including ‘Clear Layers’ and ‘Clear Logs’. Finally, when users record a new point Z-Transform will add it to their watchlist, enabling project teams to stay abreast of any changes.

Z-Transform is a tool for forward-thinking organisations looking to optimise operations in a way which will undoubtedly increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. By saving site teams three hours on each project they undertake, it won’t take long for Z-Transform to have a very worthwhile impact on operations.

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