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NWBLT unveils rebrand to drive positive change in North West

The North West Business Leadership Team (NWBLT), an organisation of business leaders in the North West who aim to drive change in the region, has unveiled a major rebrand to reinforce its position as a power for good in the North West.

The new brand, developed in partnership with full-service brand and communications agency Agent, reflects NWBLT’s position as a voice for business and reinforces its mission to lead, inspire and harness the power of business to help the North West prosper.

Since its founding in 1989, NWBLT has worked tirelessly to initiate significant change for good, bringing together leaders who share an ambition of placing the North West as the UK’s best region to do business, work, live and invest. Members include leaders from influential North West organisations, such as Bruntwood, BASF, Electricity NW, EY, CGI, Accenture and Assura, who work together for the benefit of the region socially, culturally, environmentally, and economically.

NWBLT exists to articulate and highlight the view of major business leaders on key issues which make a real difference to the region’s economy to local, regional, and national decision makers. It brings to light innovation and best practise, and encourages collaboration across the North West, not only in business, but with government.

The organisation has firmly established itself as a driving force for positive and influential change in the North West, and as such required a brand identity to reflect this and clearly communicate who it is, what it does, and its mission in the North West.

With Agent, NWBLT worked collaboratively to develop a voice that would reinforce its position in the North West and encapsulate its value. Following a thorough strategic process of engagement with high level stakeholders, the rebrand maintains NWBLT’s exciting mission, while introducing a more aligned and consistent personality that enables a better understanding of its impact in the region.

With the new identity, which welcomes a brand-new website, logo and various creative assets, NWBLT and Agent have worked to embody the organisation’s conviction to making the North West a powerhouse.

Unveiling its new look and voice, NWBLT has developed a brand which will ensure the organisation is situated where it needs to be to continue to drive positive business in the region. It welcomes a new brand architecture and guidelines to better represent both how NWBLT positions itself, and how it works with its members to set positive change in motion.

CEO at NWBLT, Emma Degg, said:

“It is over three decades since the North West Business Leadership Team was founded. In that time much has changed – but the original objective of our founders remains true and sound.

“All leaders have a responsibility to work together for the benefit of the communities we are a part of. Agent has completed a fantastic piece of work that we hope will help to underpin our work in the decades to come.”

Chairman at NWBLT, Jonathan Murphy, said:

“We are delighted that Agent has developed such an exciting new brand for the North West Business Leadership Team.  This is the culmination of over 12 months’ work bringing together our stakeholders and members to reflect on the important work of the Team and look to the future.

“Our commitment to work together for the benefit of the North West is reflected in the new design alongside our mission to initiate significant change for the good of the region”

CEO at Agent, Paul Corcoran, said:

“NWBLT bring together some of the region’s very best responsible business leaders. It’s a partnership that drives real positive change in our region and therefore it needed a brand identity and presence that reflects the passion, commitment and talent of those involved.

“For us, aligning with organisations who share our commitment and passion for making good work is key, so it was a no- brainier that we would bring together our strategy, digital and creative teams to help better communicate the brilliant work and ambitions of NWBLT.”

To find out more information about NWBLT, visit the new website at here