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Liverpool organisations join forces to provide crucial support for parents in cost of living crisis

Transform Lives Company will be holding two events on 25th November and 9th December to provide parents and carers with advice and support during the current cost of living crisis, in partnership with The Life Rooms, The Brain Charity and Torus Foundation.

These much-needed events will see these organisations support the people of Liverpool with their NHS-funded programmes, offering services such as benefit advice, employment support and help with wellbeing, both on the day and on an ongoing basis. All are welcome to attend, regardless of current employment status.

In the current financial crisis that is affecting all nationwide, working parents will be amongst the hardest hit. Just this year, more than 9 in 10 people in Great Britain with dependent children reported that their cost of living had increased over the past month. In the same period, parents were more likely than those without children to have accessed credit more than expected due to rising living costs. Around a third said they were unable to afford any unexpected expenditures, compared with around a quarter of people without children (ONS SEP 22).

Transform Lives Company, The Brain Charity and Torus Foundation are well placed within Liverpool to be able to provide the best available care to those in need, having worked with people feeling the stress and pressures of the current crisis. With the help of The Life Rooms, these organisations will be on hand to provide support and advice as how to best address participant problems.

TLC’s support will include helpful and realistic information as well as practical support, from access to experts on energy efficiency, to exploring options to finding better paid work or increasing their hours, checking if their benefit entitlement checks are up to date, understanding the impact on their mental health, offering referrals to expert support including counselling, financial aid and workers’ rights.

The Brain Charity will be in attendance, showcasing their years of expertise in supporting those with neurological conditions. They have recently saw the need for confidence coaching, as people with neurological conditions often feel reminded of their limitations. This can reduce self-esteem, potentially leading to unemployment, financial difficulties, and mental health problems – which is very much relevant during the current crisis.

Torus Foundation’s offer of support to families and individuals will be, to provide family wellbeing and resilience first aid training to parents, carers, guardians, and people looking after children recruited by ten community providers across Liverpool, with the opportunity to learn more about ways to improve wellbeing.

Lauren Bailey Rhodes, Operations Director at TLC, says: ‘We’re so pleased with this unique commission from the NHS via The Life Rooms to support people who are in work and struggling. These events can help us to reach those who need our support.

‘We’re seeing daily that the financial crisis is pushing people into in-work poverty – especially parents, finding that ends no longer meet to the point of not having the money to fuel their car to get to work is a reality for some people right now. By collaborating with health services now means we can be here for more people.

‘We know none of this is anyone’s fault, no one in work expects to need this kind of support, people are rightly very worried and thanks to The Life Rooms, TLC will be here to help people work through their options with the right support.’

Michael Crilly, Mersey Care’s Director of Social Inclusion and Participation, says: ‘Our partnership working to support families is needed now more than ever. Parents and carers are under enormous strain to make ends meet and we know that the stress and anxiety created by the cost of living crisis impacts on the mental health of the wider family. The Life Rooms is proud to work with our voluntary sector partners to support our communities at this challenging time’.

The information for the two events is as follows:
November 25, 11am – 2pm
Walton Life Rooms, Evered Ave, Liverpool L9 2AF
0151 478 6556

December 9, 11am – 2pm
Lee Valley Millennium centre
Childwall Valley Road, Liverpool L25 2PR
0151 472 4099