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#SustainableLCR Thoughts with Amanda Lyne, ULEMCo and Clean Growth Board Deputy Chair

With COP27 taking place in Egypt this November bringing world leaders together to focus on climate change and sustainability, LCR High Growth Programme reached out to Liverpool City Region thought leaders to see how we can move to building sustainable business growth.

We interviewed Amanda Lyne, Lead Consultant Director ULEMCo and Deputy Chair of Liverpool City Region’s Clean Growth Board, to gather her thoughts on building #SustainableLCR.

ULEMCo are Experts in Hydrogen Solutions for Transport and global pioneers of technology that enables commercial vehicles to convert the fuel they run on to include hydrogen.

ULEMCo work with operators who have fleets of HGVs and LGVs to deploy hydrogen-powered vehicles, using zero emission hydrogen fuel as part of their strategies to reduce transport-related carbon emissions.

Their technical experts also provide practical solutions for more specialist vehicles such as refuse trucks and road sweepers. ULEMCo are passionate about what they do and the positive environmental impact it offers.

Q: What inspired you to set up a business that offers sustainable solutions for transport?

A: I’ve been aware of what hydrogen can do to help deliver decarbonised energy for many years, particularly in transport. Transport is responsible for around a third of our GHG emissions, and very little has changed particularly in commercial vehicles, because the alternatives to hydrocarbon-based fuels are just not practical, yet. As with anything, where there is a problem that customers want solving (in this case vehicle owners would like to decarbonise, but there are no immediate, viable options) then there is a business opportunity, and that is what ULEMCo can do, meet a demand for change.

Q: Why is it important for businesses to think more sustainably?

A: If we don’t change what we are doing with respect to the climate, then costs of doing business will continue to rise, as we have seen in recent events. Being more sustainable means not wasting resources which will save money and can enable businesses to grow.

Q: What support would you like to see/be in place to support your net zero ambitions for your business/sector?

A: If my “sector” is Transport then I need national policy to change so that they can help make a level playing field for vehicle owners to make the transition…going to sustainable solutions costs money (whether this is a direct cost for fuel or infrastructure or indirect due to the cost of resources to deliver the business change needed to go to alternatives) and if it’s to happen regulations, standards and financial incentive is needed to help drive the change.

The LCR High Growth Programme is specifically designed to support high growth (or high growth potential) businesses in the Liverpool City Region to adapt, innovate, and grow. Visit our LCR High Growth Programme page to see how we can support you and your business to build a growth plan with sustainability at the heart.