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Level Tap announces partnerships with tech industry leaders

Liverpool’s new esports venue, Level Tap, has announced partnership agreements with leading tech companies to ensure maximum customer experience is realised when they visit.

When it opens this month, Level Tap on Hanover Street in Liverpool ONE will be Liverpool’s first base for gaming and esports spectating, as well as the hosting and broadcasting of live events from around the world.

Across two levels the venue will feature ten console stations, 20 PCs and two racing simulators all supplied by industry-leading tech company ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers), custom built and supplied by ‘powered by ASUS’ partner, Alphasync at EBuyer.

All the components in the PCs are from ASUS ROG, as well as all monitors, mice and keyboards and even the chairs and much of the equipment will be located in Level Tap’s ASUS ROG branded alley of gaming booths.

Co-founder Callum Wilson said: “ASUS ROG has always focused on ground breaking kit and peripherals and as gaming becomes more complex they are always innovating, often working with gamers and esports professionals.

“It’s meant that their systems and components have reshaped the gaming landscape, raising the standard for gamers and developers alike and always deliver the ultimate usability.

“Alphasync are amongst the best select system-builders who can create dream machines unavailable elsewhere, featuring a totally tailored rig with seamless fusion of synchronized features, aesthetic finesse, and fine-tuned performance. It’s exactly what our customers will demand and as gamers ourselves we want nothing but the best and we are delighted to be working with them both.

Level Tap will also feature an area of custom built retro arcade games supplied by Roll Model Arcade, while also having partnerships with global energy drink brand, Redbull and Liverpool’s own American Pizza Slice.

Co-founder Adam Rydings said: “We’re aiming for Level Tap to be different from the existing LAN centres and gaming bars by providing a lively hub for everything gaming and esports with a diverse offering that accommodates every kind of guest.

“The ability to transition seamlessly within our venue from a traditional sports bar experience to an esports arena, to split screen sofa style gaming and to a racing simulator arcade, as well as having something for those who just want to enjoy a playing an arcade game or have a bite eat is what makes Level Tap unique.”

The 6,500sqft Level Tap will feature a mezzanine level where streamers or competing teams play with their gameplay broadcast onto projectors and TVs around the venue, with a lower level arena seating capacity of 100+.

On the lower level the gaming booths will contain a Nintendo Switch and either a PS5 or an Xbox Series X and there will be a bar, a dining area and a decompression lounge. Level Tap’s games library will cater for a wide range of gamers with competitive titles as the focus, yet with all genres available from FPS, Sports and Racing to RPG’s, Strategy and Party.