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National Penalty Fare changes launch on Merseyrail

Changes to the National Penalty Fare scheme means the amount fare-evaders on UK trains will have to pay, including the Merseyrail network, is increasing.

Anyone caught travelling without a valid ticket whilst on the Merseyrail network from Thursday 13 July will now be issued with a penalty fare of £100 plus the cost of a full single fare. However, if paid within 21 days, the penalty fare will be reduced to £50 plus the price of the single fare.

If a passenger gets on a train without a valid ticket at a station where ticket buying facilities are available, they may have to pay a penalty fare. Ticket buying facilities include a staffed ticket office or a ticket vending machine.

When stations are unable to issue valid tickets, a clear notice will be displayed to passengers to pay at their destination. Train staff and revenue protection officers will be aware of when this is applicable.

Suzanne Grant, Commercial Director at Merseyrail, said:

“The changes to the National Penalty Fare scheme mean those people who try and avoid paying their fare, will have to pay an increased fine.

“Our customers have told us that ensuring every passenger on our network has paid the right fare for their journey is important to them and we agree. Especially when we offer some of the best value rail fares in the country.

“Few of us want to pay more for our tickets because some people don’t pay their fair share, and the loss of income due to people travelling without tickets reduces the money available to invest in a better rail service.

“If you are in doubt about what ticket to purchase, you should ask a member of staff at one of our stations. They will be happy to help and will advise you on the cheapest and best ticket option for you.

“We also have full details of all options available to passengers on our website at

“Passengers should always buy their ticket before travelling.” Full details are available at