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New city region visitor map launched in time for Open Championship at Royal Liverpool

Navigating the region’s key cultural assets made easy as part of the Destination Marketing project for the city region.

Visitors will be able to pick up a free map at this week’s Open Championship – designed for visitors to navigate and experience the wonders of Liverpool City Region.

With its rich history, diverse culture, and countless attractions, Liverpool has long been a destination of choice for travellers from across the globe. However, the wider city region also has much to offer with its hidden gems and untapped treasures. The map has been produced, as part of a collaborative city region Destination Marketing project, to serve as the ultimate companion for visitors, boasting an array of features that are set to make exploration effortless and enjoyable. Key highlights include:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The map encompasses a wide range of attractions, including historic landmarks, renowned museums, a beautiful waterfront, parks, beaches, as well as the retail and hospitality offer. No stone has been left unturned to ensure that visitors have access to all the essential information they need to make the most of their time in the city region.
  • User-Friendly Design: The map is thoughtfully designed with clarity and simplicity in mind, ensuring easy readability and intuitive navigation. With clearly marked points of interest, streets, and transport links, visitors can effortlessly chart their course and seamlessly move between attractions.
  • Practical Information: The map also includes practical details such as transportation options, visitor services, amongst others. This comprehensive compilation ensures visitors have the necessary resources to navigate the city region with confidence.

Jan Nuzum, Sector manager for the Visitor Economy at Growth Platform said:

“This summer, we invite visitors to explore more of Liverpool and the wider city region with all its hidden gems that make it so unique. This is the first map designed to encompass the whole of the city region and has been thoughtfully designed to serve as an invaluable guide, directing visitors not only to the city’s outstanding attractions but to all the region’s well -kept secrets it has to offer.”

The Destination Marketing project, manged by Growth Platform – Liverpool City Region Growth Company, is based around five key priorities focussed on destination marketing campaigns, enhancing the region’s main destination websites, air route development for key inbound markets, destination welcome and research. It will also support wider place marketing initiatives by enhancing the external image perception of the City Region, developing new routes to market and strengthening its investment proposition.