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Save up to £1,800 on your heating bills this winter by making your home more energy efficient

Simple changes to your home will help homeowners avoid spiralling fuels costs, company says

Making Energy Greener says homeowners could save thousands of pounds this coming winter by making some simple changes to their home now.

Amid a global energy crisis, which is seeing people’s heating bills spiral to record levels, the company says the summer is the time to make homes more energy efficient with measures that don’t cost a penny and will save individuals on average £150 per month on their gas and electrical bills.

MEG is a leader in the energy services sector, delivering deep retrofit and energy efficient heating systems for homes across the UK for over five years. With an ambition of making every home in the country an eco-home, the firm works with Local Authorities, energy companies, housing associations and landlords to instal free energy saving measures, including loft, room in roof, cavity and solid wall insulation, efficient heating systems, smart heating controls and other renewables such as air source heat pumps and solar PV – helping homeowners to reduce their energy bills significantly.

Rebecca Armstrong, managing director, MEG, said:

“As a family business, we understand the problems a lot of people are facing at the moment when it comes to spiralling heating bills. Fuel poverty is a very real issue that needs addressing and more needs to be done – but in the meantime homeowners can save significant amounts of money by making some simple energy saving changes to their property – and the summer is the time to do it before winter sets in.

MEG now has access to LA Flex funding in multiple regions across the UK from the Wirral, Liverpool City Region, and Manchester City Region, to Shropshire, Wales, and Sheffield. LA Flex funding is available to residents who are either living in fuel poverty or on low income and therefore vulnerable to living in a cold home.

With sites in Liverpool and Preston, MEG installed over 7,000 energy efficient measures into homes right across the country in 2021-22.