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Clatterbridge partners with US company to further ovarian cancer research

Major new research into ovarian cancer will take place at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre after a ground-breaking partnership with an American biosciences company.

Clatterbridge will lead research in the UK on the US company’s new methods to understand how people with ovarian cancer respond to various treatments – using algorithms to guide clinicians in giving the best therapies to individuals. The work will further knowledge of how personalised medicine can better treat cancer patients.

Nashville-based Pierian Biosciences has set up laboratory space in Liverpool after expanding into the UK last year with the help of Liverpool City Region Inward Investment Fund, and it has now partnered with Clatterbridge to launch clinical research looking into its pioneering methods, designed to help cancer patients and those with auto-immune diseases.

Clatterbridge’s ovarian cancer patients – and others being treated for the disease in NHS research hospitals across the country – will be invited on to a study that will track and analyse their responses to therapies in research led by Dr Rosie Lord, consultant in medical oncology and Clatterbridge’s Deputy Medical Director. The first patients are due to be recruited in the coming weeks.

Dr Maria Maguire, Clatterbridge’s Head of Research Governance and Sponsorship, said:

“It has been very rewarding for our team to support Pierian Biosciences in establishing this important study and we look forward to launching this research with the hope that it can benefit future Clatterbridge patients and lead to further understanding in this exciting area of personalised medicine.”

Robert E Henry, Pierian’s President and CEO, said:

“The Pierian team is excited about the future of cancer care as we enter this partnership with The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to continue developing our groundbreaking assays. This strategic alliance between Pierian and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre signifies a significant step forward in the quest to provide personalised medical solution for patients facing cancer and auto-immune diseases. The combined expertise and resources of both organisations are poised to drive innovation and contribute to improving the lives of countless individuals.”

Dr Gillian Heap, Clatterbridge’s Director of Research and Innovation Operations, said:

“We are delighted that Pierian Biosciences has chosen Liverpool and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to partner with in this exciting, pioneering research. Clatterbridge is has huge experience in leading cutting-edge clinical research trials and has world-leading cancer experts who can help to bring success to this collaboration and the ground-breaking science it will bring about.”