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KQ Startup launched to support budding entrepreneurs

The new programme will support the growing number of startups and spin-outs created within the Knowledge Quarter Liverpool (KQ Liverpool) innovation district.

Launched today at Liverpool Science Park, KQ Startup is the latest addition to KQ Liverpool’s suite of Innovation and Growth Services, having been specifically designed to help budding entrepreneurs navigate through the early stages of their business journey.

The free to access programme will ensure eligible startups and spin-outs are connected directly with the right people, places and spaces needed to launch successfully in the market, and avoid critical stumbling blocks.

Colin Sinclair, CEO of KQ Liverpool, said: “By removing barriers to entry, we can boost the number of new local founders, as well as the success rate of existing startups, which in turn will add to the economic prosperity of our innovation district.

“With world-leading academic institutions and an established culture of entrepreneurialism within our innovation district, KQ Startup will ensure that the groundbreaking ideas and creative research being uncovered on our doorstep can succeed commercially and develop into thriving, scaling businesses.”

KQ Startup has enlisted the support of eight local organisations, who will be offering programme participants complimentary access to a range of bespoke advice and guidance. This includes one to one consultations, digital resources and expert masterclasses across the fields of compliance, marketing, banking and finance, and intellectual property, as well as providing discounted workspaces and networking opportunities.

The eight KQ Startup Expert Advisors are Dearbridge, List & Found, Lloyds Bank, Marks & Clerk, Moore Media, Sciontec, Sedulo and Typocom.

Rachael Stevens, Head of Partnerships and External Relations at KQ Liverpool, added: “Navigating the red tape around starting a new business can be both daunting and distracting from the excitement of launching a new product or service.

“Through KQ Startup, we want to simplify this process and take some of the burden away from founders, therefore enabling business owners to focus on building their teams, attract customers and grow their business.”

KQ Liverpool will also be signposting KQ Startup participants to a number of other local organisations who provide complimentary support to entrepreneurs and SME leaders in the Liverpool City Region. This includes The Brett Centre for Entrepreneurship, The Women’s Organisation, Growth Platform, LYVA Labs, River Capital and the LCR Finance Hub.

Through collaboration, partnerships and facilitated introductions, KQ Liverpool hopes to engage with around 20 KQ Startup participants across the next 12 months, and deliver new job opportunities, grow the dynamic business community and provide support for all, in line with their inclusive innovation agenda.

To find out more about the KQ Startup programme, Expert Advisors and proven success stories, please download the KQ Startup brochure, or visit the KQ Liverpool website.