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NW Start-Up launches new App to tackle Loneliness through Live Events

North West based impact driven start-up, GIGMATE, takes a huge step forward with the launch of their free Apple and Android mobile app on Wednesday 4th October.

GIGMATE founder, Rob March, developed the idea for the free GIGMATE service during the Covid lockdowns. March, having worked in Live Events for over 20 years, struggled both personally and professionally when Live Events were stopped.

Recognising the increasing issues of loneliness and lack of meaningful connections exacerbated by the pandemic, March founded GIGMATE in 2022 to bring people together through a shared love of live music.

GIGMATE provides a matching service for people with shared musical interests to find fellow music fans to experience live events together. The App allows members to “Find Your Tribe” by engaging with like-minded people.and join groups based on their music preferences.

With 9 million Britons reporting frequent feelings of loneliness and 40% of 16-24-year-olds often feeling lonely, GIGMATE aims to combat loneliness and improve wellbeing by facilitating supportive connections through live events.

GIGMATE has already found a number of high profile supporters including Lauren Lavern and Craig Charles. March had the opportunity to discuss the service at length on Lavern’s BBC 6 Music show last year and even had the chance to pick five of his favourite songs to play out live. He has also appeared on the popular High Performance Podcast.

GIGMATE has gone from strength to strength in 2023, in May they won the What’s Your Problem funding competition which provided some much needed financial support to help develop the service. In June they won the NW StartUp Award for Events and Hospitality

The team have been busy over the summer researching and developing the new Android and iOS App which will launch on 4 October.

“The App will be a game changer for the GIGMATE service and will deliver a much improved user experience and additional functionality based on extensive research” stated March. “We will be launching the App as a free service so it is as accessible as possible for everyone to join in” he added.

GIGMATE members can select their connections based on gender, age, music preferences and group size. The App includes safeguarding guidelines for online and real life meet-ups.

Though still a young company, GIGMATE has ambitious plans to offer their services across the UK and beyond. By facilitating supportive relationships and tackling social isolation through community building and live events, GIGMATE aims to make a meaningful impact on loneliness which is one of today’s most pressing societal issues.