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Hugh Baird College Unveils State-of-the-Art Immersive Suite for Healthcare Students

Hugh Baird College is delighted to announce the launch of its new immersive suite, tailored specifically for Healthcare students. This facility will enhance the educational experience for future healthcare professionals, providing them with a unique learning environment.

The suite is designed to offer immersive experiences to students pursuing careers in healthcare-related fields, including nursing, midwifery, emergency medical care and allied health sciences. The suite is equipped with advanced technology, including 8K 360° backgrounds and simulation scents, which enable students to engage in realistic medical scenarios, develop their skills, and prepare them for real-world challenges. These scenarios include operating theatres, live A&E units and trauma wards.

Key features of the immersive suite include virtual reality simulations, allowing students to practice clinical skills, diagnose conditions, and interact with patients in a safe and controlled environment that would otherwise be unreachable until the student was fully qualified. This new collaborative learning space will enable students to work together on case studies, research projects, and simulations, fostering teamwork and communication skills that are essential for healthcare professionals.

Amber Leese, a Level 3 T-level Healthcare Science student, said:

“The immersive suite is such a fun learning space. I enjoy coming here in small groups and understanding how I would put the skills I have learned into practice in a real-life scenario. It’s fascinating as I wouldn’t usually be able to access facilities such as operating theatres until I am fully qualified.”

Tina Blease, Curriculum Manager for Health and Social Care at Hugh Baird College, stated:

“The new facility supports learners to fully immerse themselves into an environment otherwise not accessible to them. We use this to provide learners with a safe learning experience in which they can safely practice their skills, allowing tutors to assess them and provide valuable feedback.”

Nicky Bowen, Quality Officer for E-Learning and Training, said

“Our new immersive suite allows our learners to experience real-life and working environments safely and inclusively. This space will provide students with a realistic experience of a wide range of situations, from providing first aid after a road traffic collision, sampling life on an active construction site or providing a ward handover at the end of a busy shift at a hospital.”

Those wishing to find out more about the college’s Healthcare courses can do so via their website at