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Sum Vivas marks significant step forward with its AI Digital Humans as it travels to Japan with the Northern Powerhouse

Sum Vivas, the company that integrates AI with Digital Humans, has been selected by the Department for Business and Trade as one of only a small number of businesses to join its UK Northern Powerhouse delegation to Japan.

They will join thirteen UK companies, alongside the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Rt Hon Andy Burnham, and Leader of Manchester City Council, Cllr Bev Craig in December, on the DBT’s mission to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.

Sum Vivas has reached a major step forward by integrating AI with its Digital Humans, to interact and communicate in real-time, creating a new and innovative tool for brands to communicate with their target audiences.

By integrating Digital Humans with subject or sector-specific information, it enables them to become a topic genius across sectors including hospitality, retail, automotive, entertainment and healthcare; paving the way for Sum Vivas’ HD Digital Humans to bring brand campaigns to life in a dynamic multiverse of possibilities, from Web 3 and Metaverse, to real life (IRL) opportunities.

Speaking about the future opportunities for Sum Vivas, Rob Sims, co-founder and CEO, said:

“This is an exciting time in our sector as we are seeing an acceptance of Digital Humans globally, which are becoming brand ambassadors and customer concierges.

“Agencies are guiding brands in this new world, while we are at the forefront of showcasing British innovation in this space in Japan.

“I’m looking forward to building collaborations with top technology brands and agencies that the Japanese market is known for, and the possibility of combining this with our Digital Human offer is inspiring.”

Denise Harris, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, added:

“The technology that we have developed brings campaign creativity into reality, for example, making it possible to use an AI-powered Digital Human across advertising campaigns, online and in-store, representing brands and interacting with customers in real-time – it is a chance to really shape this sector.”

As part of the Japan mission, Sum Vivas will be showcasing the Digital Human, Dex – the UK’s first Digital Human DJ/influencer – which has recently been named as the official brand ambassador for Digital Fashion Week, after performing at Digital Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris and London earlier this year.

Denise Harris has also been appointed to the Board of Advisors for Digital Fashion Week, promoting the benefits of digital fashion and advocating for sustainability across the industry.

For more information, visit the Sum Vivas website