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Hugh Baird College partners with Autotech Academy to fuel automotive careers

Hugh Baird College has partnered with Autotech Academy, enhancing the career prospects of newly qualified automotive technicians and creating a clear, direct route into employment for its students.

Bridging the gap between education and industry, Autotech Academy creates opportunities for newly qualified vehicle technicians to enter the automotive workforce through a paid, 6-12 month internship. Every intern is vetted, interviewed, and equipped with a uniform and toolbox worth £1,000 before being placed with an automotive employer.

Leveraging the support of the Government’s Strategic Development Fund (SDF), to directly address the evolving skills needs of employers in Liverpool City Region’s green sector, Hugh Baird College successfully established electric vehicle courses and strengthened its EV learning infrastructure to ensure the highest quality training for automotive students.

At the end of the Autotech Academy internship, the employer can employ the intern free of charge, or not. This solution not only enables automotive businesses to grow their own talent but ensures that all newly qualified talent is retained by the industry.

Alongside sourcing and securing internship opportunities for qualifying Level 3 students, the Autotech Academy team will provide regular career talks and offer advice to automotive students, while highlighting the full breadth of automotive roles and pathways into the sector.

Hugh Baird College Principal and Chief Executive, Rachael Hennigan, says:

“Through our partnership with Autotech Academy, Hugh Baird College is proud to pave the way for the next generation of automotive experts. Our joint efforts ensure that newly qualified technicians are not only ready to meet the industry’s evolving demands, especially in the green sector, but also have a direct route into fulfilling careers.”

“Together, we are bridging the gap between education and industry, fostering talent that is both highly skilled and future-ready.”

The Autotech Academy internship offering also supports Hugh Baird College’s objective to retain automotive students from Level 1 through to Level 3 (Autotech Academy will only take on an intern if they have qualified with a Level 3) while also helping them attract greater numbers in the future.

This not only enhances the employability of Hugh Baird College graduates but also fosters a continuous and supportive learning journey within the automotive education framework.

Autotech Academy’s Group Sales Director, James Mackay, says:

“Our partnership with Hugh Baird College marks a step forward in addressing the automotive industry’s skill shortage within the North West of England.”

“While highlighting Hugh Baird College’s commitment to nurturing an automotive workforce equipped for the future, especially in the green sector, our collaboration creates pathways for students to thrive in their chosen careers and bridge the gap between education and industry while meeting the demands of an evolving automotive landscape.”

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