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Brock Carmichael celebrates 50 years of Architectural Excellence and Urban Transformation

This year marks a momentous milestone for Brock Carmichael as the Liverpool-headquartered RIBA Chartered Practice proudly celebrates 50 years’ of influencing the architectural landscape of Liverpool as well as towns and cities nationally and internationally.

Since its establishment in 1974, Brock Carmichael has been involved in projects that have contributed to Liverpool’s remarkable transformation over the last five decades. From iconic Liverpool waterfront landmarks such as One Park West and the Merseyside Maritime Museum to the forthcoming mixed use Grade-A redevelopment of Martins Bank, Brock Carmichael has played an important role in reshaping and regenerating Liverpool into the dynamic and vibrant region that it is today. The firm’s commitment to excellence, creativity, and sustainable design has left an indelible mark on the cityscape, reflecting a legacy that extends beyond buildings to the very heart of the community.

From urban revitalisation to cutting-edge design, Brock Carmichael has been a driving force behind architectural innovation, influencing the national dialogue on sustainable and impactful urban development. The firm’s cross-sector portfolio reflects a commitment to excellence that extends beyond regional boundaries, showcasing a diverse array of projects that have shaped cities and communities throughout the UK and beyond.

Brock Carmichael’s national presence is evident in its contributions to key projects, from inner city regeneration projects such as Ravensbourne Place in Lewisham to Ty Nant, a top-tier Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) development in Swansea which has a focus on sustainability. The firm’s ability to balance aesthetic vision with practical functionality and commercial acumen has positioned it as a trusted partner within the industry, influencing the built environment and contributing to the nation’s architectural legacy.

“We are honoured to reach this remarkable milestone which is a testament to our enduring dedication to architectural excellence on a national scale,” said Chris Bolland, Managing Partner at Brock Carmichael. “Our 50 years of impactful design underscore our commitment to shaping the future of not just Liverpool but cities and communities across the country.”

Throughout their 50th year Brock Carmichael looks forward to hosting various events and initiatives, starting at MIPM, that highlight the firm’s journey, achievements, and its enduring commitment to designing the buildings which shape towns, cities and communities across the UK and beyond.