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New Innovation Manager joins The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

The Trust’s new Innovation Manager has a vision to make The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre a world leader in healthcare innovation.

Simon Bunting joins CCC and brings with him 22 years NHS experience working in both primary and secondary care and has led and delivered a number of innovative projects during that time.

Simon will drive innovation throughout CCC with the aim of realising ground-breaking ideas that can improve outcomes for patients or enhance the working environment for staff. He will also build partnerships with strategic regional stakeholders in the healthcare sector to enhance enterprise within the NHS.

He said:

“I am extremely excited about this role, working for a Trust which has a rich history of innovation. This opportunity will provide a platform for me to demonstrate my enthusiasm for innovation and allow me to become an ‘enabler’ to drive and execute pioneering ideas across the organisation.

“To achieve this, it is important to create the right environment to nurture and support our staff and patients to create solutions that address real world challenges while bringing value to our organisation.”

Supporting innovation is a key strategic priority for CCC and Simon will be working with Dr Seamus Coyle, CCC’s Clinical Lead for Innovation, to engage with teams across the Trust to develop solutions to challenges and find new funding streams to facilitate them.

“I can’t wait to get out there and meet as many people as possible, listen to ideas as well as developing a system that makes it easy for staff and patients to submit ground-breaking projects,” he said.

“For me, innovation is about approaching every situation and thinking how we can make it better. If there isn’t a solution to the problem, how do we create one with new thinking or a fresh approach that hasn’t been tried before.”

“My ultimate ambition is to make CCC one of the world leaders in healthcare innovation, especially with the incredible talent we have within our organisation.”

Dr Gillian Heap, Director of Research and Innovation Operations, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Simon to the Trust to be a driving force behind innovative thinking.

“Simon is brimming with ideas of how to champion innovation at Clatterbridge and I am sure he will take enterprise to a new level in his role, putting into action many of the amazing initiatives emanating from our workforce and patients.

“He brings huge enthusiasm and detailed strategies to develop initiatives that can be hugely beneficial to everyone at Clatterbridge.”