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Bebington community group teams up with Merseyrail to make a positive difference

Two Wirral stations are getting a makeover thanks to the hard work of a local community group who have teamed up with Merseyrail and a number of local schools.

The Love Bebington community group recently adopted Bebington and Spital stations. Working in partnership with Merseyrail, work to transform both train stations is well underway.

The group have already installed planters, troughs and artwork at Bebington station, all of which have been sponsored by Merseyrail and local firms. Now the aim is to get students from local schools in the Bebington area to provide artwork to be displayed around the station.

Dr George Lamb, Chair of Love Bebington, said:

“Our group formed in summer 2022 and we started the project at Bebington station a year ago. We’ve since adopted Spital station which is just two stops down from Bebington and used by a lot of people that live in Bebington.

“We unveiled our latest artwork project at Bebington station In partnership with local mosaic artist Lou Cross, of Bad Hand Mosaics and Blooming Skull Coffee.

“Our brief to Lou was to create mosaics which celebrated the community of Bebington. We’re lucky to have such talented and community minded artists in our community.

“Our aim now is to get students from local schools in the Bebington area involved in this project and to provide artwork to be displayed around the station.

“The schools involved are the four local high schools located in Bebington: Co-Op Academy Bebington, St. John Plessington Catholic College, Wirral Grammar School for Boys and Wirral Grammar School for Girls. We’ve already put up two of the four schools’ posters and are working on getting the other two up very soon.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to partner with Merseyrail on our adoption of Bebington station. They’ve provided us with so much support and none of the work there would have been possible without their help.”

Mr Lamb added:

“Merseyrail is doing great things to support communities on Merseyside. The work Love Bebington has carried out in partnership with Merseyrail at Bebington station has enabled us to not just enrich the station itself but also the surrounding area which has helped support local residents, businesses and the local environment.

“We look forward to continuing our work with Merseyrail at Bebington station and at other locations in the future.”

Sally Ralston BEM, Community Involvement Manager at Merseyrail, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to work with such a dedicated group who take such pride in their local area.

“Merseyrail are always keen to do whatever we can to team up with community groups and make a positive difference to the city region.”