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Hidden local Champion scoops major international award for ‘Green’ Operating Theatre System set to propel NHS towards net zero goals

Revolutionary technology designed to turbocharge the environmental sustainability of integrated operating room systems has launched in the UK. The eco-friendly and money-saving game-changer is set to slash CO2 emissions and hefty costs facing Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

In the UK, healthcare contributes 4% of UK greenhouse emissions – a figure mirrored globally.

Operating rooms significantly contribute to hospital CO2 emissions due to energy-intensive devices, anaesthetic gases, and high turnover of single-use equipment.

Despite the increasing adoption of minimally invasive surgeries and remote teaching capabilities, deploying more technology in operating rooms typically results in a higher carbon footprint.

To address this, JAV Medical Systems have developed a new generation of smart integrated operating theatres system, which was recently recognised when its ITOT system scooped the prestigious 2024 InAvation Award for most innovative Healthcare Project, at ISE in Barcelona.

According to the international expert judging panel, “The ‘Integrated Theatre of Things (ITOT) shines bright as a world class system that brings sophisticated technology, cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint into one user friendly integrated operating theatre that shines with technical excellence and sustainability”.

(ITOT) addresses associated environmental and costs concerns in three major ways:

  • Harnessing smart power management to control devices, switching them off when not in full use.
  • Reducing the number of devices via a fully digital signal chain, resulting in less CO2 in manufacturing.
  • Scaling down travel and onsite service through full remote control with all devices connected via TCP/IP

The system is optimised to deliver superior technological performance while reducing energy consumption to less than 75% of comparable systems.

As part of the development CO2 optimisation across the supply chain, including using energy-efficient components, sustainable packaging, and recycled materials were introduced.

Operational efficiencies are maximised in the operating theatre, to enable more surgeries within the same timeframe, thereby reducing per-surgery energy usage and CO2 emissions.

Besides its green credentials, the extra appeal is in the money it saves. The ITOT system offers substantial cost savings, reducing electricity consumption to less than a quarter of its original cost.

Managing director Ingo Aicher of JAV explained:

“On average, the system has the potential to save double the extra cost of innovative technology over its new lifecycle in electricity costs alone. So, you get a triple bonus, the most current and best available technology, saving the environment and saving money.”

The company installed the first ITOT system in Cambridge last September, unveiling its ground-breaking solution after 18 months of intensive research and development.

With the system now in the UK and Norway, the company has received around sixty more orders with hospitals across Europe to be deployed over the next 18 months.

Ingo said:

“The response has been great. Integration projects move slowly, but we have already had overwhelming responses and higher-than-average orders in Norway and the UK since launch.

“The key challenge is integrating new technology protocols and concepts. But by combining different tech stacks to work under a unified system, we can deliver the reliability needed within the operating theatre.”

Ingo says:

“The recognition and success underscores our dedication to delivering greener and more advanced technology. JAV Medical Systems offers customised solutions tailored to each hospital’s needs, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure and surgical equipment. Our central focus is to aid the NHS in achieving its net zero 2045 goal while concurrently enhancing workflows and reducing waiting lists.”

JAV Medical Systems is the UK-based company behind the innovative ITOT. It has specialised in delivering operating room integrations for over 15 years. The company is based in Birkenhead Merseyside. Its success lies in incorporating new technology trends in a market often dominated by major medical corporations.