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Merseyrail teams up with Blackburne House to celebrate International Women’s Day

Merseyrail have joined forces with Blackburne House to celebrate International Women’s Day today, aiming to inspire inclusion.

Blackburne House is based on Liverpool’s Hope Street and is a charity that supports the development of local, and often vulnerable, women. It has been chosen as one of Merseyrail’s four charities to be supported over the next two years.

The event saw more than 80 people who were inspired to understand and value women’s inclusion in all aspects of life.

Through a combination of inspirational speakers – including the Deputy Managing Director of Merseyrail Suzanne Grant – wellness sessions, and captivating performances, attendees were encouraged to champion diversity and promote gender equality.

The event fostered a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals from all backgrounds came together to celebrate and advocate for gender equality. It is hoped that attendees left feeling inspired and empowered to continue championing equity for women in their workplace, communities and beyond.

Suzanne Grant, Chief Commercial Officer and Deputy Managing Director of Merseyrail said:

“I am delighted to be representing Merseyrail at such an important event that has helped to celebrate and support the contribution of women in our country.

“I was joined by colleagues whose talent, inspiration and hard work continue to help Merseyrail to excel in creating a more diverse and dynamic workforce, driving innovation and progress within the rail industry.”

Suzanne added:

“The main outcome from today is that Merseyrail is making a lot of improvements in this area, but we still have a long way to go. We were able to focus on conversations that will help us to make Merseyrail a more inclusive place to work in the future.

“Where women collectively support each other in the workplace and in society more generally, great things happen. I am lucky enough to have worked with a range of inspiring, determined and supportive women during my career and again, this has no doubt played a part in our collective success.”

Andrea Rushton, CEO of Blackburne House said:

“Merseyrail’s collaboration with Blackburne House for International Women’s Day embodies the essence of unity and empowerment.

“This was a fabulous opportunity to inspire and champion inclusion and create a space where women’s voices can be heard, valued and celebrated. This partnership symbolises our shared commitment to creating a world where women thrive, both in the workplace and beyond.”