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Powering Success: How Branding Propelled Pleavin Power to £4.6 Million Turnover in 4 Years

Pleavin Power’s meteoric rise from a backyard cabin operation to a thriving enterprise turning over 4.6 million in just four years is a testament to the transformative power of strategic branding.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Jack Pleavin, Pleavin Power recognised the transformative potential of branding from its inception. Understanding the importance of establishing a strong online presence, Jack leveraged platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn to meticulously craft and disseminate the Pleavin Power brand identity. Every communication, every interaction, and every asset bore the hallmark of Pleavin Power’s distinctive branding, ensuring a cohesive and compelling message to their audience.

Jack, CEO of Pleavin Power tells us

“When I started this business, I was only 22 running it out of my parents back yard. I spent a lot of my time admiring other businesses who had really focussed on their brand as they grew. This was the foundation of starting my business. I knew that bringing together an exceptional level of customer service with a real care for branding was the way for us to take off. My first move starting the business was to hang my new logo on the wall of my cabin. The heartbeat behind the logo mixed with the lightening bolt symbolised everything we were about”

In the early days of business, Pleavin Power would focus their online identity around telling a compelling story to their audience by showcasing the long hours, greasy jobs and hard days. Despite the odds and adversities, Pleavin would always go above and beyond to perform for customers. Any spare income would go on ordering merchandise to give away to followers free of charge or on improving the customer experience of the Pleavin brand. From the huge range of generators being delivered to documentation, everything has been meticulously branded or as the team like to call it ‘Pleavinised’.

Just 2 years after trading, Pleavin Power achieved a turnover of £850k with no time to celebrate as the country was quickly hit with the global pandemic. At this stage, Pleavin were quickly placed above a lot of their competitors as people turned to social media and the internet for their information, a place where Pleavin had been building for a number of years. Still, with the focus on brand awareness, the turnover at Pleavin has almost doubled each year to reaching £4.6 Million in 2022 and continues to grow year on year.

Today, with a dedicated marketing team steering the Pleavin Power brand, the company continues to leverage branding as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Jack Pleavin emphasises

“We’ve never really even looked at sales, it’s just been a real focus on branding which goes to show the profound impact branding can have on business success. Our brand is vital to the future success of the business”.

Adding to this sentiment, Georgia, Head of Digital, highlights the unique challenges faced by Pleavin Power’s team, stating,

“Most of our jobs take place in the darkest room of a building or underground, anywhere from a hospital, prison to a city-based data centre for clients we can’t actually talk about. Therefore, it’s crucial that we continue to authentically tell the story of Pleavin Power and the impactful work we do online but also in a way that stands out from the huge amount of content out there today”

Pleavin Power’s remarkable journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic branding, inspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to harness the full potential of their brand identity.

Find out more about Pleavin Power by visiting their website.