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The Future Impact Board appoints new chair to take forward its strategic vision, enhancing representation and collaboration in the Liverpool City Region

The Future Impact Board, a dedicated alliance of young professionals committed to shaping the future of the Liverpool City Region, announces the appointment of Mona Hassan as the new chair. With a bold vision set for the next 12 months, Hassan will lead strategic initiatives aimed at driving positive change and amplifying the voices of young professionals throughout the region.

Mona Hassan’s vision for the Future Impact Board is centred around even greater collaboration, diversity and impact within the Liverpool City Region. Hassan aims to be a champion for the younger generation, ensuring their needs and aspirations are at the forefront of decision-making processes. Hassan aims to strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders and city region leaders to drive forward initiatives that address the pressing challenges facing young professionals, such as access to affordable housing, job opportunities, and sustainable development.

Mona Hassan, chair of the Future Impact Board, said:

“Being appointed as chair of the Future Impact Board is a great responsibility and I am looking forward to leading our board towards achieving our shared vision. Together we will highlight the opportunities, challenge where necessary and deliver tangible value to shape a brighter future of our city region. These efforts will leave a legacy and make a lasting difference to the generations that come after us”.

Mona Hassan succeeds Rachael Stevens who has served as chair of the Board since its inception in 2021. Stevens’ leadership has been instrumental in advancing the Board’s mission and strengthening its impact within the city. As Hassan steps into the role of chair, she brings a new perspective and a commitment to build on the strong foundations laid by the former chair.

Rachael Stevens, former chair of the Future Impact Board, said:

“Leading the Future Impact Board has been a privilege. We have driven change and begun to close the gap between young professionals and decision-makers. As Mona takes the responsibility of chair, I am confident in her ability to continue our mission of shaping a vibrant and inclusive future for the Liverpool City Region, ensuring the city is celebrated and represented as the city that we know and love”.

“Mona’s input has been valued while serving on the Future Impact Board over the last three years and I have no doubt Mona’s contribution has propelled us forward in our mission of broadening representation and influencing the narrative from the perspective of a young professional”.

With a focus on collaboration and inclusivity, the Future Impact Board works closely with key stakeholders, including the Liverpool City Region’s leadership team, Growth Platform, Liverpool Chamber and Liverpool Place Partnership, to advocate for the interests of the younger generation and influence decision making processes on a local, regional and national scale.

In the past 12 months, The Future Impact Board has engaged in important conversations shaping the Liverpool City Region’s trajectory and leveraged its influence to reflect the needs and aspirations of young professionals. From monitoring the progress of the LCRCA Investment Strategy to ensuring its alignment with the Spatial Development Strategy, the Board has placed a strong focus on meaningful youth engagement through the creation of the Future Impact Network in partnership with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.

Diversity and inclusion have remained central to the Board’s mission, ensuring that young professionals from all backgrounds are not only represented but seen, heard and valued. Through these collaborative discussions, the Board aims to shape policies and decisions that pave the way for a prosperous, inclusive and forward-thinking future for Liverpool.

Under Mona Hassan’s leadership, the Board is currently working on its Road to 2040 document which will serve as a whitepaper presenting the challenges within the Liverpool City Region and proposed solutions. This is due to be released in August 2024.